Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan....LAMAN GRILL, STEAK and BAR-B-QUE....

As I've promised before, my entry this time is about our quest in tasting superb food...hehe. After watching an episode in Masterchef Malaysia that showed a restaurant owned by one of the judges, Chef Zubir, I really wanna try the dishes there. So we went to Seksyen 13, Shah Alam and found the restaurant.....Laman Grill, Steak, and Bar-B-Que situated at Laman Seri Business Park.

The interior decoration of the restaurant is exclusive and elegant....with photos, certificates and newspaper clippings of Chef Zubir achievements. You can see the chefs (student, I think) cooking in the modern and very clean kitchen at the back of the restaurant

My husband happily posing with background of Chef Zubir's achievements in culinary

Variety of western dishes and sweet dessert are offered here and both of us chose the chef's recommendation dishes : mine is Grilled Salmon Mediterranean..bla..bla (too long la the name, can't remember)
It is decorated beautifully that I felt 'sayangnya nak makan'....hehe

  while my hubby chose Grilled Chicken Chop...

Our little princess, Aliya Nuha ate the crackers... :P

How did the food taste like? My grilled salmon was cooked 'hanyir' taste and it tasted delicious. The best salmon dish I've ate so far...

The price is reasonable...not pricey like at Victoria Station or TGI Friday. The salmon is RM29.50 and the grilled chicken chop is RM25.50....very reasonable considering it's a chef's recipe plus the wonderful food presentation. I'll definitely go there again if I'm in Shah Alam and next time I want to try the steak :)

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